Project Description

We assisted with the conceptualisation and final design of the latest iteration of Wirral Council’s website. This involved working with council staff and members of the public through multiple consultation processes.

The council specifically requested a cleaner layout utilising a completely revamped site map and page template. We took cues from other successful Council and Government websites using an iterative approach developing multiple designs and variations before settling on the final version.

The website was delivered in 12 months from planning to launch.

Key Features

  • Responsive  – The website works on all devices whether that’s a smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • Online forms – Users can complete enquiry, complaint, payments and application forms directly through the site replacing the previous paper based method.

  • Latest news – Users can keep up to date with events, positive news, competitions and future consultations all in one place.

  • Downloads – Wirral Council made all of their leaflets, policies and other useful documents available online to access.

  • GDPR Compliant – We worked with the organisation to ensure that they had the correct policies in place and that users were given the choice to consenting to the website collecting data. We also ensured that safeguards were put in place to keep users personal data secure in the instance of completing online forms.

Before & After Comparison