Project Description

The Right Side of Care is a website launched in 2015 for young people in care from Wirral. We worked with Wirral Council and the Children in Care Council on the project.

Our role was to assist in the conceptualisation process and replace the previous design with something responsive and accessible, we also project managed the development of the site in collaboration with the design team at Wirral Council.

This project took place between September 2014 and was completed in February 2015.

Key Features

  • Responsive  – The website works on all devices whether that’s a smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • Point by Widgit – Users can highlight any word to be presented with some images to help understand the meaning of the word.

  • Online forms – Users can complete feedback, review, Children in Care Council applications and Leisure application forms through the site.

  • Child-friendly policies – Users are able to access all of the council’s policies in an easy to read, child-friendly format.

  • A design decided by young people – The site has been designed in partnership with Looked After Children across Wirral to ensure the design and content were delivered exactly how they wanted it.

  • Latest news – Users can keep up to date with events, positive news, competitions and future consultations all in one place.

  • Downloads – All of the council’s leaflets and child-friendly policies are now available online to access.

Before & After Comparison