Project Description

Inclusion Matters Wirral approached us in 2018 to design their new website from top to bottom.

We worked with the charity to create a clean streamlined user experience. It was important that service users were able to access the information they needed quickly and that if they were in crisis, they were given the correct information to get help as soon as possible.

The specification provided called for:

  • A clean user interface in line with other NHS funded organisations
  • Online referral forms for users and professionals
  • A responsive design
  • A complete overhaul of the content

The project took 2 months from beginning to end. Due to contractual changes within the organisation, the website has yet to go live.

Key Features

  • Responsive  – The website works on all devices whether that’s a smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • Online forms – Users can complete feedback, complaints and application forms directly through the site replacing the previous paper based method.

  • Latest news – Users can keep up to date with events, positive news, competitions and future consultations all in one place.

  • Crisis Information – We implemented a floating bar at the base of the users screen that follows them throughout the site. If they are in crisis and need urgent help, clicking or tapping that will bring up information on where to get help in that moment.

  • Downloads – All of the organisations leaflets, policies, annual reports and other key information has been consolidated and is available to download in PDF format.

  • GDPR Compliant – We worked with the organisation to ensure that they had the correct policies in place and that users were given the choice to consenting to the website collecting data. We also ensured that safeguards were put in place to keep users personal data secure in the instance of completing online forms.

  • Accessibility – We built accessibilities features into the site to accommodate the needs of the service users. These features included text scaling, greyscale and high contrast toggles, underline link toggle and site-wide Google Translate.

Before & After Comparison